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Polygraph Testing

Drawing on 30 years of industry experience, Polygraphie Alain Lépine boasts unparalleled expertise in lie detection.

Our polygraph tests are trusted worldwide and are available to the general public, as well as attorneys, therapists and corporations.

1. Before the polygraph

Once you arrive for your appointment, the polygraph examiner will review the process to help you understand how a polygraph works. He will also inform you of your constitutional rights and your right to counsel, in addition to the voluntary aspect of the examination. Based on your answers, he will judge whether or not you are ready to take the polygraph.

At this point, the different stages of the exam are detailed and the lie detection equipment is presented. A series of preliminary questions are asked and the examiner collects relevant information to prepare for the polygraph.

2. During the polygraph

A polygraph, as you probably already know, cannot detect a lie per se. Instead, it tracks physiological changes that occur in your body when you lie.

These changes are captured using sensors connected to the polygraph instrument and calibration tests are performed.

The polygraph examiner carries out the exam with a series of precise and personal questions that he asks 3 times. A few minutes are allotted between the questions.

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3. After the polygraph

After you take the test, a reviewer will go over your results and determine if any points need to be clarified. The results are then professionally and officially analyzed.

If no indicators of deception are observed, the person who took the exam probably answered all questions honestly. Conversely, if there are indicators of deception, the examinee probably did not tell the whole truth about the case under investigation.

Sometimes the test results of an individual may be rendered as “Inconclusive”.

This simply means that insufficient data is available for the examiner to render a definitive opinion of deception (DI) or no deception (NDI).