Professional skip-tracing service in Montreal and Quebec

Established in 2003, Polygraphie Alain Lépine specializes in skip-tracing investigations.

I work with private individuals and corporate clients throughout Canada and across the world.

Filature Montréal

30 years of experience in gathering intelligence

Drawing on 30 years of experience in investigation and lie detection, I offer reliable skip-tracing services to both private and corporate clients. I can provide assistance in a number of cases, including infidelity, child custody matters and corporate fraud.

Whether you’re worried about the health of your marriage or you need to monitor the dating activity of a minor child, contact me for professional and discreet services tailored to your exact situation. My services are also available to corporate clients.

In particular, I can help you investigate the absenteeism of an employee or the authenticity of any information provided by a future partner.

Count on me for quality services second to none.


Unparalleled discretion

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, I welcome clients in my office for a first confidential interview.

This helps me understand your exact situation, which is an important step to deploying an action plan tailored to your needs.

This is followed by an investigation carried out in total discretion and absolute confidentiality.

My goal is to collect legally admissible evidence, which can be photos or videos.

Rest assured that I have an unwavering commitment to excellence!

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My strengths:

  • Absolute discretion
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Unparalleled experience

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